Berkshire Properties Ltd is involved in the following principal areas of activity

Berkshire Properties Ltd provides experienced consultancy services on all aspects of property ownership. Working to develop a clearly-defined set of goals and objectives for each of our clients. Advising on property acquisition, refurbishment and finance to achieve those goals in the most efficient and cost effective way.

  Land Acquisitions

Berkshire Properties Ltd is actively involved in land sourcing for the experienced developer identifying opportunities to unlock hidden values. The company searches for development sites through established relationships with land owners and professional land agents.

  Joint Ventures

Berkshire Properties Ltd strives to create shareholder value and profit by acquiring, developing, renovating and managing a diverse residential property portfolio. With access to a large stock of new build homes and existing portfolios to suit either the long term investor or those looking to profit in the short term. Berkshire Properties Ltd ensures that the Joint Venture is a fully contributing asset in your portfolio.

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